25 August 2019
The Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVB) is the real estate organization of the Dutch Central Government, which manages more than 12 million m2 of buildings 90,000 ha of land. The RVB has developed a Roadmap to make its property
16 August 2019
Oomens Energy & Consulting starts collaboration with Pygmalion Consultoría e Ingeniería S.L. for PV Solar and Wind Project Development in Spain.  With the intent of the Spanish government to out phase the coal and nuclear power plants in the near
23 February 2019
With 3,525.1 MWe installed power generation capacity Ghana has a power supply shortage. In 2016 a shortfall of 500MWe was reported. In order to overcome this shortage Clear Energy Ltd. intends to develop 200MWe Gas-Fired Power Plant and a 50MWe
31 January 2019
Oomens Energy & Consulting has supported SS&A Power Development AG in the development of the Basic Concept Design and the resulting Owner’s Requirements for the G2P Project Montenegro, 200MWe SCGT Power Barge.
28 January 2019
Oomens Energy & Consulting has carried out a Pre-Feasibility Study for a Polish company   and investigated an alternative Gas-Engine-based energy concept for its production facilities in response to the increasing power prices in Poland. The study shows that clever energy
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