Audit Centrale Schaerbeek

In 2017 I carried out in an independent audit of a proposed Retrofit Program for modernizing the Steam Power Plant Schaerbeek, a requirement, which was part of the public tender for the concession to supply power for another 25 years after 2019. Supported by the outcomes of the Audit Report, the client, ENGIE Electrabel, has been successful in the public bid and is able to supply power at economic attractive conditions for the next years.

Bernard Adriaens, Project Manager at ENGIE Electrabel

I would to express my high level of satisfaction for the support provided by Bas Oomens for auditing the Retrofit Program to modernize the Steam Power Plant Schaerbeek in 2017. The Audit was required by the public tender bid intended for supply power for another 25 years after 2019.

Bas’ pro-active, structured and efficient approach shows a strong focus, in particular with respect to spending time with the client on developing a good understanding of the requirements and communication of findings and results.Thanks to his valuable efforts we have been able to better position our Tender Bid due to an objective and professional assessment of the existing installation.Bas is a responsible person and thanks to his integrity it was always a pleasure to work with him. I can recommend him to help clients who intend to modernize their power generation asset thereby looking for and independent technical evaluation.


200 MWe Gas-Fired Power Plant Dangme

“A concept is only feasible when it can work after a 360° consideration”. I got to this quote when Clear Energy Ghana Ltd. approached me in 2018 and they explained me the idea to develop their first energy project, a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant in the Dangme region of Ghana. In the role of Independent Technical Advisor, I coached the client’s in defining the requirements to get a better understanding of developing an energy project in the region. Then, the potential for developing a 200 MWe Power Plant was assessed. The technical-economic viability of various gas-fired, but also renewable energy solutions and hybrids versions was investigated. This resulted in an objective advise that changed the initial idea into an accepted and more feasible one.

Danny Mainoo, CEO Clear Energy Ghana Ltd

We would like to express our highest level of satisfaction for the support provided by our Technical Advisor, Oomens Energy & Consulting, in preparing the Pre-Feasibility Study for our Power Generation Project, Dangme, in Ghana.

Oomens Energy & Consulting provided us with highly valuable strategic advises, thereby creating a solid basis for long-term success of our project if it comes into force.

We are pleased to recommend Oomens Energy & Consulting to any client wishing to successfully develop his Power Generation Project.



G2P Montenegro

SS&A Power Development is engaged in the development of Gas Turbine-based Gas-to-Power Projects in Montenegro.

In the role of Technical Advisor to the CEO I provide SS&A Power Development with technical GT/CC expertise.

Sasha Savic, CEO SS&A Power Development

SS&A Power Development is developing a Gas-to-Power Project in Montenegro where Bas is supporting our company as Technical Advisor. He is the project coordinator, managing the interfaces between us and the other Project Partners who are responsible for  the power plant design.

Thanks to Bas' efficient and focused approach, we are able to jointly pull together a strong performance for this challenging project, thereby keeping the project technically on track.

Based on my experience of working with Bas I can recommend him to private customers who wish to enter the Power Generation industry, particularly those who are looking for a competent advisor to help them achieving their long-term results in an optimal and cost-efficient way. Bas, it is a pleasure working with you and I look forward to a successful G2P Project in Montenegro.



120 MWe CCGT Tema

In 2016 Pöyry supported the company LMI Holdings (Ghana) in the development of their first 120 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant based on GE’s frame 6B Gas Turbine technology. In the role of Project Manager for Pöyry I supported the client and the Pöyry team during the Tendering Phase (Basic Design and Technical Bid Specifications).

Jean-Louis Malon, Management Advisor Power Generation for LMI Holdings

As Management Advisor Power Generation with LMI Holdings, Ghana, I had the opportunity to work with Bas.

I have met Bas who was Project Manager at Pöyry, assisting LMI Holding in developing their first CCGT Project as IPP. Bas was leading the team responsible for the Basic Design and EPC Technical Bidding.

Bas’ consulting approach shows a strong focus, in particular with respect to planning and spending time with the client on developing a good understanding of the project requirements. He is pro-active as well as responsive and is driven by continuous improvements in the long-term interest of the client. Thanks to his efforts we have been able to meet deadlines and find project specific solutions.

Bas is a responsible person and thanks to his integrity it was always a pleasure to work with him. I can recommend Bas to help IPP in the Power Generation industry who want to develop their first Power Generation project for their business.


1,200MWe Shoaiba II CCGT

The 1,200 MW CCGT Power Plant Shoaiba II consists of two blocks, each of five SGT6-2000E Gas Turbines. The Engineering, Construction and Commissioning of the Power Plant took place in two phases between 2012-2014: first capacity, Open Cycle operation to cover the high energy demand during the hot summer period, followed by full Combined Cycle capacity.

In this project Pöyry was the Owner’s Engineers and I supported the team in the role of Lead Engineer Mechanical for the Review of the EPC Contractor’s Design Documentation.

Nico Kruger, Project Manager Pöyry

As the Project Manager for Pöyry on the Shoaiba II 1,200 MW CCGT project I had the pleasure of working with Bas in the role of Lead Mechanical Design Engineer.

Bas was a pillar of strength, oftengoing the extra mile to support not only the project but also me as the Project Manager in the execution of my duties. Technically I found Bas to be extremely competent and able, however, it was his willingness to add more value in support that really stood out for me. He is a strategic thinker, always trying to be one step ahead of the demands of the project.

The project phase I that I was responsible for was delivered to the huge satisfaction of the client before the due date. Bas played no small part in being able to meet this extremely demanding schedule.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bas to any client seeking someone to actively engage with them to understand their requirements and delivering professional advice, project development and execution.

Muhammad Naeem Rajput, Chief Engineer SEC

As Generation projects Expert & Engineering/Contract Manager with Saudi Electricity company I worked with Bas on our Shoaiba II 1,200MW CCGT project where he was engaged in the role of Owner Engineer (Pöyry) leading the team of Mechanical Engineers for project Design Review. In this project we were dealing with some particular challenges, such as a tight time schedule and an unprecedented EPC Contractor. It was very crucial for SEC to have the power generation ready for open cycle before the hot summer in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to Bas’ engagement and his structured planning approach, he has contributed positively to keep the Design Review cycles short. He is not only technical up to the mark, but especially an open minded, accommodation team player. In direct relation to SEC he showed a proactive and cooperative behavior in dealing with our engineers and the EPC contractor.

I recommend Bas any customer who is looking for a technically and socially skilled person to help in developing their power generation project.


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